Bill Gray to be 2010 Langbein Lecturer

William G. Gray, Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the University of North Carolina, has been selected to give the 2010 Langbein Lecturer at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, December 13-17, 2010. The Langbein Lecture is one of AGU's series of Bowie Lectures, established to honor Walter B. Langein (1907-1982), who was an innovator and leader in every subject in surface water hydrology. Bill Gray is a fitting recipient of the award. He has made outstanding contributions to groundwater hydrology, and specifically to the physics of flow in porous media, as well as multiphase flow and salt water intrusion, among other topics. The Langbein Committee also cited his extensive service to the community as and advisor, editor, and teacher in addition to his substantial research contributions.