The scope of the Virtual Hydrologists Project (VHP) is to preserve the legacy of eminent hydrologists who have shaped the field of hydrologic sciences and education over the past decades by creating a comprehensive, easily accessible repository of their scientific contributions. VHP was initiated in 2016 and is a living project, which invites the community to contribute material, additions, and/or corrections toward building a complete library to be enjoyed by the younger generation as well as by the older one.

1. Robert E. Horton (1875–1945)

2. Walter B. Langbein (1907–1982)

3. Luna B. Leopold (1915-2006)

4. James C. I. Dooge (1922–2010)

5. Paul A. Witherspoon (1919–2012)

6. J. E. (Eamonn) Nash (1927–2000)

7. Shirley J. Dreiss (1949-1993)

8. James R. Wallis (1928-2016)

9.  Peter S. Eagleson

10. David Dawdy

For more information please check:

The Virtual Luna Leopold Project, and the History of Hydrology Wiki.

Please send your suggestions, additions, and corrections to Efi Foufoula-Georgiou.

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