H3S-related Activities

Student Conference at the AGU Fall Meeting – We will offer technical activities during the 2015 Student Conference to introduce students to emergent remote sensing and field instrumentation technologies.  Further information (e.g. upcoming workshop opportunities, online resources, etc.) will be broadcast to students via social media.

Pop-Up Sessions – Since the 2013 Fall Meeting the Pop-Ups sessions have provided a platform for early career scientists to share their vision for the future of the water sciences. Due to the success of this event, we are offering a second, special topic Pop-Ups session at the 2015 Fall Meeting.

Joint Assembly Early Career Hydrologist Night – The H3S will expand to other AGU-sponsored meetings in 2015. We organized the first Early Career Hydrologist Night at this year’s Joint Assembly meeting, which was a full-evening program.

Social Media and Communication with Hydrology Community – We will increase committee presence on traditional social media platforms to stimulate discussion and broaden access to available resources, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and the Young Hydrologic Society website (youngHS.com). A twitter account (@AGU_H3S) will be used to increase online presence of the subcommittee. Regular interviews with early career hydrologists will be published on the AGU Water Facebook page. Lastly, the H3S is working together with Young Hydrologic Society to archive all recorded Pop-Up presentations.

AGU Water Students on Twitter: @AGU_H3S

Water Resources Research

Water Resources Research, Volume 54, Issue 6, Page 4009-4027, June 2018. ...

Water Resources Research, Volume 54, Issue 6, Page 4028-4039, June 2018. ...

Water Resources Research, Volume 54, Issue 6, Page 3769-3787, June 2018. ...